The goblin epic

Introduction to the adventure

(to players): You enter into a large, empty warehouse, the smell of dust and dirt fills your nostrils, the floors and walls are coated with a thin layer of a mixture of dirt and sawdust, as horatio guides you in, you notice two large orbs resting on two pillars about four feet high. Horatio leads you into a medium sized room where you find ten, well dressed human figures each carrying a small dagger with religious markings on it, at the head of the elegantly decorated wood table is a large, handsome elf (show picture), he has one arm wrapped in bandages and on his forehead, he looks at the party and says “Ah, finally a reliable band of adventurers, take a seat”, he speaks to your group only, as if the ten other people already know exactly what’s going on “as you already know, we are the black rock clan,a secret agency, but as you may not know, are purpose is mining (Melatone brings out a large map and places it on the table) as you can see, we have found a rich gold supply in the vast forests of waterdeep, no one knows about these gold mines yet and we intend to keep it that way, but lately, there have been some, occurences…. bla bla bla….. one of the goblins outposts are located here (points to a spot on the map) 15 miles outside of diamond creek” bla bla bla…. “as soon as you have dealt with the problem, report back to me, i will be residing here (points to a spot on the map) a safe zone of approximately three square miles”

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